Cloudera: Hadoop Powering High Performance Analytics

Tom Reilly, CEO
In today’s world, data continues to climb the ladder of importance to improve efficiency of companies across various industries. To this end, Cloudera enables businesses and other organizations to interact with the world's largest data sets at the speed of thought and ask bigger questions in the pursuit of discovering something incredible. The Palo Alto, CA-based firm, efficiently captures, stores, processes and analyzes vast amount of data in order to solve the most challenging business problems quickly and securely at a lower cost. Cloudera revolutionizes enterprise data management by offering a unified platform for Big Data, an Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) built on Apache Hadoop. “With a foundation of 100 percent open source software and open standards, our platform delivers more flexibility, and better results for business,” asserts Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera. The firm’s recent addition to Hadoop, Kudu, is open source software that stores and serves different kinds of unstructured data, with an eye toward challenging heavyweights in the database business. The firm offers enterprises one place to store, empowering them to extend the value of existing investments while enabling fundamental new ways to derive value from their data.

Leading organizations trust Cloudera to help them improve experiences, refine businesses, upgrade lives, and advance human achievement with Cloudera Enterprise. The world's most popular Apache Hadoop solution, Cloudera Enterprise enables multiple types of analytic workloads to run on the same data at the same time. “Our platform combines the best of the high-performance Hadoop ecosystem with enterprise tools and support that makes Hadoop simple to manage in the most demanding locations,” elaborates Reilly.

Cloudera offers wide range of services to support Apache Hadoop that includes Cloudera’s proactive and predictive support model which analyzes current frameworks and compares performance to deployments worldwide. Moreover, it provides the most comprehensive assistance throughout the entire Hadoop lifecycle.

With a foundation of 100 percent open source software and open standards, our platform delivers more flexibility, and better results for business

“We work in a lot of different industries and provide interesting insights into what may be a better approach to solve the issue at hand,” extols Reilly. Cloudera builds long-term relationships by delivering world-class service and solutions that evolve their customers to their full potential. In one instance, Cerner Corporation, a Healthcare IT Company approached Cloudera to assimilate and normalize the world's healthcare data in a cost-effective manner and increase efficiency of delivering health management. Running into roadblocks, in bringing together all of the world’s health data reliably and making it usable for any need at any time, Cerner was looking for upcoming technologies that would help them overcome the restrictions. Adopting Apache Hadoop presented a viable alternative to deliver impressive results. Cloudera provided a holistic view of their whole environment and allowed them to manage multiple clusters from a central point. Today, Cerner’s Enterprise Data Hub contains more than two petabytes (PB) of data in a multi-tenant environment, supporting several hundred clients.

The firm innovates to bring productivity and other value to developers by constantly exploring new approaches. At Cloudera, the focus is on keeping their employees well informed, trained, and balanced with trends in solid design and architecture pertaining to high performance analytics. On a progressive note Reilly concludes, “We have been fascinated with the growing amount of data, companies have, and optimistic about our future”.


Palo Alto, CA

Tom Reilly, CEO

Cloudera delivers a modern platform for data management and analytics