Hortonworks [NASDAQ:HDP]: Leveraging Hadoop to Deploy Low Cost, High Performance Big Data Infrastructure

Rob Bearden, CEO
To enhance big data storage and accelerate data processing with low cost infrastructure, an increasing number of organizations are moving towards Apache Hadoop, an open source big data analytics platform. Hadoop enables businesses to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Hortonworks [NASDAQ:HDP] drives the open enterprise Apache Hadoop to deliver a next-generation enterprise data platform that is transforming businesses. Founded in 2011, Hortonworks develops, distributes, and supports Hadoop to accelerate business transformation. “Our team works every day to enhance the Hadoop core, creating new code to improve the open product we have stewarded since its inception,” begins Rob Bearden, CEO at Hortonworks.

Hortonworks, a business computer software company based in Santa Clara, CA, focuses on the development of Hadoop to deliver the critical services and support enterprises to reliably and effectively run the big data platform. “Our combined years of experience in consulting delivery and big data helps clients implement modern data architectures for their enterprise,” says Bearden. Hortonworks advances the market adoption of Hadoop and provide a new data management solution to harness the power of big data. The company’s solution, the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), is an enterprise-grade data management platform that enables a centralized architecture for running batch, interactive, and real-time applications simultaneously across a shared dataset. Powered by YARN, Hadoop’s framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management, HDP addresses the core requirements of security, operations, and data governance. HDP enables organizations to adopt a Modern Data Architecture. “HDP enables the deployment of open enterprise hadoop–leveraging 100 percent open source components, driving enterprise readiness requirements and empowering the adoption of brand new innovations that comes out of the Apache Software Foundation and key Apache projects,” adds Bearden.

Our combined years of experience in consulting delivery and Big Data helps our clients implement modern data architectures for their enterprise

Hortonworks offers services to meet the needs of various industries, including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, communication, and public sector. One of the Hortonworks’ clients ZirMed, a provider of healthcare information management solutions was in need to find a way to deliver a scalable and user-friendly analytics system that didn’t break the bank. “Much of the local talent base here in Louisville specialize in Windows and .NET,” says Schremser, CTO, ZirMed. “The typical crop of big data technologies, which rely on Linux, Java and even more ‘exotic’ languages like Scala, would have been a show stopper for us. We couldn’t move fast enough if we had to build on unfamiliar technologies from the OS up.” ZirMed teamed with Hortonworks to build a Hadoop cluster running HDP for Windows 2.0. The results were five times the amount of usable storage and greater processing power, all for 30 percent of the cost of traditional enterprise technologies.

Hortonworks’ mission is to establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise data architecture. “Our aim is to grow and develop Apache Hadoop as the platform for big data,” says Bearden. In the coming year, Bearden and his team will continue to build a new Hadoop platform focused to eliminate administrative complexities, improve developer's productivity, enhance security and data governance, and deliver proactive cluster monitoring. Hortonworks will consistently evaluate new best of breed technologies and continue to increase their professional services practice in U.S.


Santa Clara, CA

Rob Bearden, CEO

The Company develops, distributes, and supports open source Apache Hadoop data platform to accelerate business transformations